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Gold Backed IRA Help & Advice

Looking to protect your retirement with a gold backed IRA?
With physical gold looking like more and more like a worthwhile long term investment, now is the right time to be considering a move of your existing investments, or rollover your existing IRA into a Gold IRA.


But like most of us who don't know exactly what needs to be done when looking to setup a Gold IRA, here at WhichGoldBackedIRA.com we're here to help you by removing all the complicated finance jargon and just give you a straightforward guide to helping you decide and pick the right gold IRA rollover company.

Click Here for our Recommended Gold IRA Company Shortlist.

We'll help you:

  • understand the process of moving your IRA or setting up a Gold IRA
  • pick the company to use for your Gold IRA. The right one can help you Double or Triple your savings through gold investments over the coming years.
And if you don't already know anything about a Gold IRA then make sure and read our What's a Gold IRA? guide here.

And here is a reminder of why a gold IRA is fast becoming a major part of 1,000's of serious investors portfolios:
  • Gold will reduce the volatility of your portfolio.
  • Gold IRA accounts have grown in excess of 300% since 2000.
  • There has been an 80% growth in just the last 2 years.
  • History has shown that gold prices run counter to bonds, stocks & mutual funds.
  • Gold is the ultimate asset. With the physical gold in your possession you no longer have to rely on just 'paper' assets, which in times of trouble are just that 'worthless' paper.
  • Governments can't devalue gold and that's why the purchasing power of gold has lasted over 5,000 years and has survived every economic crisis.
  • Countries and governments are buying gold. China & India are amongst some of the biggest buyers of gold where demand in 2011 grew by 7.5% despite a 24% increase in the price of gold.
why-invest-in-gold So your decision to consider a gold backed IRA is very shrewd but your next step will be even more important, and that is finding the right company to help setup your IRA and supply the gold to you.

For us the right gold IRA rollover company must come up to a very high standard. And the best way to establish their credibility and standard is by investigating all of the following criteria:
  • Are they well known and respected within the gold industry?
  • Do they have a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)?
  • Do they have any BCA complaints registered against them?
  • Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Do they have any TrustLink ratings? And if so how many positive/negative ones.
  • Do they make the process hassle free?
  • Will they buy back your gold, at market rates, if you need to liquidate for any reason?
gold-ira-investing-kit Already done your Gold IRA research?
For those of you who have already done lots of research on Gold IRA's and would like our opinion on who you should now contact to discuss your Gold IRA options then head on over here for our list of Top 3 Gold IRA companies you must contact today.

The Investor Gold Rush
But if gold is such a precious commodity then what major investors are building up their gold portfolios. Let's look at just a few rich investors who are now investing heavily in gold:


  • Thomas Kaplan: Over $2 billion invested in gold.
  • John Paulson: Over $4.5 billion invested in gold.
  • Mikhail Prokhorov: Over $6 billion invested in gold.
Whether you have $5,000 or $500,000+ to invest then make sure and get your IRA converted to a gold IRA ASAP and protect the volatility of your investment portfolio. Click Here for our Recommended Gold IRA Company Shortlist.