5 Questions to Ask a Gold IRA Company

When you call any of the Gold IRA companies we recommend then you will be faced with what gold-ira-question-markare the most important questions to ask to ensure you get enough information to make a decision on who you should use to help setup your gold backed IRA.

Here is our shortlist of 5 questions:

Question 1: What are the annual fees for IRA setup and gold storage?
Note: You should be looking for a company who has a ‘Fixed’ fee when it comes to setting up your IRA and for the gold storage. And if they have any introductory ‘free’ or reduced fees when you invest a certain amount then that’s even better.

Question 2:
 What is the best gold for your IRA?
Note: Bear in mind some companies may have a very limited type of coin and not every type of gold coin will be the best long term investment. Make sure and ask detailed questions about they type of gold they provide and the type of returns already seen to date.

Question 3:
Do they offer Allocated or Non-allocated storage for your gold?
Note: With Allocated gold storage you are the outright owner of the gold. And with Unallocated gold storage you are effectively providing a ‘gold deposit’ to the holding back/depository. So your IRA company should be providing you with Allocated storage. Allocated storage will cost you a small annual fee but you should not be talked in Unallocated storage.
The main drawback with Unallocated storage is that if the bank/depository were to become insolvent you could lose all your gold.

Question 4:
How long will it take to setup your Gold IRA and take delivery of your gold?
Note: If you are vesting $1,000’s in physical gold then you should expect a first class service that sets up your IRA and delivers your gold within days. not weeks or months.

Question 5:
 In the event you need to liquidate your gold can you sell it back to them?
Note: Companies you deal with are not obliged to buy back the gold from you and according to government regulations they cannot guarantee it either. However, a lot of companies will buy back from you but beware of those who will buy back gold at ‘below’ market price. Look for a company that will buy gold at the market rate on the day you wish to sell your gold.

Also bear in mind the following tips on what to look out for when speaking with any of our recommended companies:

Are the gold IRA specialists courteous & professional? Some companies have a tendency to be less accommodating when potential customers only want to invest a small amount into an IRA. A professional company will offer the same level of service if you want to invest $5,000 or $500,000.

Are they trying to push a very specific coin or coins? If you’ve done your research on the types of coins that will form part of your gold IRA then you’ll know whether a company is trying to push a particular coin which may be because they can make more profit from that coin.

Several of the companies featured on our Top List of IRA Companies come up to our high standards but one company that stands out is Regal Assets. They provide a Flat-fee structure and are only one of a few companies who will buy back your gold at the current market rates.

Our Top Recommendation: Regal Assets
(Call Regal on 1-866-525-4394)


Why Choose Regal Assets?:

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • AAA rating with Business Consumer Alliance.
  • 5 star Customer Service rating from Trustlink AND Preferred Membership Status. (Just check the sheer volume of Testimonials they have here.)
  • No IRA fee for the first year and then one small flat fee for subsequent years. (Investments of $10,000+)
  • 7 day delivery on any gold investment purchases.
  • Gold buy-back policy. And they buy back gold at market rates which a lot of other companies don’t do.
  • Very patient, courteous & professional on the phone.
  • FREE portfolio analysis