Are Regal Assets Really a Ripoff?


Regal Assets are one of the most successful precious metals IRA providers in the USA. They specialize in gold IRA and gold IRA rollovers and in 2013 were voted as one of the Top 20 financial services in the USA, according to the Inc.500.

So what are the Regal Assets Ripoff reports about and are they genuine?
It’s too easy for competitors to spread malicious reports about each other on various websites but the only reports you should trust are those that can be ‘verified’ from existing customers.

And one of the most trusted sources online for verified customer testimonials is Trustlink. At the Trustlink website customers are able to leave their independent review about a service and if any testimonials/reviews are found to be ‘questionable’ they are then verified by Trustlink staff. This ensures that any reviews you read on the Trustlink website can be relied upon 100%.

So if Regal Assets were such a ripoff then surely you would hear about it on the Trustlink website?
Well, you can read for yourself all the customer reviews for yourself and with over 400+ reviews left on the Trustlink website for Regal Assets it’s certainly not evident from all the reviews we have read on Trustlink that Regal Assets come close to being a ripoff. If that were the case there is genuinely no way they would have such great reviews and certainly no way they would have made it into the Top 20 Financial Services list on the Inc. 500.

The only ripoff here is the depth some people, most likely unscrupulous competitors, will go to to give Regal Assets a bad name. This normally happens when companies are jealous of other companies success and they are not able to compete on quality and service so they resort to very underhand tactics to give their competitors a bad name.

If you do read a ripoff report about Regal Assets then make sure and balance what you read with the 400+ reviews found on Trustlink and then ask yourself which you’d rather believe. We know we’d rather believe the independent reviews of 400+ people, rather than the malicious reviews of a competitor who hides behind a made up name.

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