Gold Roth IRA Investments

A Gold Roth IRA could turn out to be one of the wisest decisions you will make with regards your long term investments. If you have $10,000+ within your Roth IRA then a Gold IRA will certainly help you hedge against inflation given the steady rise of gold in recent years.





More and more investors like yourself are seeing the value of their 401k, Traditional and Roth IRA declining in value and it’s now becoming more critical to look at diversification within your portfolio.

Precious metals, and in particular gold, is enabling investors to take advantage of the current gold prices through the setup of a self-directed IRA.

The process of setting up an IRA, within which you can invest in gold, is very very simple and can be done my making just 1 phone call to a specialist gold IRA company who will talk you through everything in great detail.

Numerous gold Roth IRA companies will handle the whole process for you and all you’ll need to do is sign-off the paperwork and take delivery of your physical gold. The gold is stored in a gold storage center e.g. Brinks

Here is the typical setup process for a Gold Roth IRA:

  • You need to make a minimum investment of $10,000.
  • You contact a gold IRA specialist to finalize your investment options.
  • You complete a short application form and the gold IRA company will setup your new self-directed IRA account.
  • You then complete a Transfer Request form which enables the gold IRA company to transfer your existing Gold Roth IRA funds to your new IRA account.
  • Once the funds transfer has taken place the Gold IRA company will call you to discuss which gold you should purchase.
  • The gold is then shipped to an IRS-Approved gold depository e.g. Brinks, within 7 days of the funds clearing.
  • And the final step is for the gold IRA company to notify you that the gold is now with the depository.

Gold Roth IRA Fees
When you purchase gold for your IRA you will incur a number of expenses. These are typically low but it’s best to find a company who only charge a set yearly fee. Some companies will charge a yearly fee relative to the amount of gold you have in storage. Given that you could be holding $100,000’s worth of gold it doesn’t make sense to pay any more than you need to.

We recommend a company called Regal Assets (Call Regal on 1-866-525-4394) who charge a very low yearly ‘flat fee’ of $250. In fact the first year is FREE so you won’t be charged the $250 until the second year of having your Gold Roth IRA with them.
For the record their $250 yearly fee is broken down into $100 for Administration and $150 for segregated storage of your gold at Brinks. And your gold is fully insured whilst at the Brinks Depository.

Our Top Recommendation: Regal Assets
(Call Regal on 1-866-525-4394)


Why Choose Regal Assets?

  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • AAA rating with Business Consumer Alliance.
  • 5 star Customer Service rating from Trustlink AND Preferred Membership Status. (Just check the sheer volume of Testimonials they have here.)
  • No IRA fee for the first year and then one small flat fee for subsequent years. (Investments of $10,000+)
  • 7 day delivery on any gold investment purchases.
  • Gold buy-back policy. And they buy back gold at market rates which a lot of other companies don’t do.
  • Very patient, courteous & professional on the phone.
  • FREE portfolio analysis