Regal Assets Review – Complaints and Scam Update




Regal Assets have fast become one of the most successful gold IRA companies in a relatively short period of time. During their rise to the top of their market sector, and becoming a Top 20 financial company in the Inc. 500, they have met with their fair share of people saying they are a scam and others putting forward complaints about their service on various websites.

But are these scam reports and complaints for real and so did some digging around to find the ‘facts’ given that Regal are such a successful company.

The first thing to consider is whether Regal Assets would really be able to become a Top 20 financial services company if the reported claims about being a scam were indeed true. But just like numerous other successful companies, it’s become apparent that some competitors will stop at nothing to besmirch the good name of Regal Assets. The gold IRA sector is very competitive and it would appear that some companies are not happy with Regal Assets success.

To really understand whether you can trust Regal Assets 100% with your gold IRA investment then I implore you check out the following 3 websites. These are 3 of the most definitive sources of ‘independent’ reviews and testimonials from Regal Assets customers.

Regal Assets Trustlink Rating
All reviews through Trustlink can be trusted as valid because of the way they verify each review received. So whatever review you see listed for Regal Assets will be from a real customer who’s review is about a real experience of investing in a gold IRA/gold IRA rollover or precious metals purchase.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Regal Assets enjoy an A+ rating with the BBB and they have 0 complaints registered against them.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)
Since they first registered with the BCA in October 2009 Regal Assets have only had 1 complaint registered against them, and that was in 2011. The complaint was relatively minor, relating to insurance & shipping costs, and was duly sorted by Regal Assets.

Based on the success of Regal Assets to date and the amount of positive reviews on Trustlink, 400+, it’s clear that any complaints about Regal or the scam reports are not true.

We think it says more about those companies who sink to underhanded tactics to try and give Regal Assets a bad name, as Regal are clearly doing something right as evidenced by the sheer volume of positive reviews.

If you are in any doubt about the quality of services from Regal Assets then make sure and visit the 3 sites listed above to get a very clear picture about their status and standing within the industry and with their current customer base.

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